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Vienna, Austria

program description


Often ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world, Vienna is known for its art, museums, music, theater, parks, and cuisine. The city center has been designated a World Heritage Site because of its Baroque architecture, castles, gardens and monuments. The Danube River runs along one side of the city and the Vienna Woods on the other. Because Austria has declared itself a perpetually neutral country, its capital of Vienna is the home of many United Nations organizations and other international agencies. A diverse and interesting city of over 1.7 million inhabitants, Vienna is one of Europe’s more affordable cities for students.


Originally established in 1888 as the Imperial Export Academy, the institution evolved into the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU). It is the first Austrian university to achieve EQUIS accreditation. In 2013 a state-of-the-art campus with new classrooms, libraries, dining and recreation facilities will open near the city center within easy access to public transportation. WU is an international university with approximately one quarter of its almost 28,000 students coming from other countries.


WU’s curriculum includes a broad selection of English-taught courses, as well as classes taught in German. Boston College students are fully integrated into the university along with their Austrian counterparts. Each new international student is assigned a buddy who mentors them through the first few weeks and visiting students are assigned faculty member advisors who help with course selection and academic matters. Students are required to take a Business German language course at the appropriate level of instruction from beginner to advanced.


The university conducts a month-long pre-semester orientation during which there is a welcome brunch, a German language class to teach basic language skills, and various activities to help new students become acclimated. BC students will be assigned a faculty advisor to help with course selection and registration.


Boston College students, live like the local Viennese students – that is, in off-campus dorms or apartments located all over the city. Accommodations are easily arranged through various student housing organizations.