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international programs

Utrecht, The Netherlands

office of international programs

The City

With its 300,000 inhabitants, Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands and in the geographical center of the country. It is not only an important junction where traffic, trade, distribution and services meet and mingle, but also a true knowledge center. Apart from Utrecht University and University College Utrecht, it houses several other institutes of higher education.
Utrecht is home to many art galleries and museums, has picturesque courtyards and canals, and hosts many annual cultural festivals. 
With about 50,000 students studying at different universities, Utrecht is the Netherlands' premier student city.

The University

University College Utrecht (UCU) is the international honors college of Utrecht University and houses about 700 students. UCU attracts students not only from the Netherlands, but also from various parts of the world. UCU offers academics in the spirit of the liberal arts and sciences. The language of instruction and on campus is English.

The Program

Boston College students are fully immersed into UCU. BC students take regular courses alongside full-time UCU students. UCU offers courses across a broad liberal arts and science curriculum. BC students are able to take any course for which they are qualified to take.

course selection

Boston College students must take a minimum of 30 ECTS credits in a semester in order to earn full credit at Boston College.

Orientation and academic support

BC students participate in an orientation provided by UCU. BC students can take advantage of all the support systems in place at UCU. Onsite support is available as well through UCU.


Following the concept of a small liberal arts college, UCU provides on-campus housing for all its students including international exchange students. A meal plan is also available to students. 


UCU has many student run clubs and recreational facilities. BC students are encouraged to take advantage of all the opportunities UCU has to offer.