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Uppsala, Sweden

program description


The City

Sweden boasts one of the most prosperous European economies and a peaceful egalitarian society. Uppsala, its fourth-largest city, is located 45 miles north of the capital Stockholm. Old Uppsala (Gamla Uppsala) was the focal point of the Kingdom of Swedes, where traces of their Viking forefathers still remain. Once home to a pagan temple and the site of great sacrificial rites, Uppsala is today the country’s religious center with the seat of the archbishop of the Church of Sweden. The city’s dominating landmarks are the large cathedral (Domkyrkan) and the castle (Slottet), both located in the center. Uppsala offers small city charm as well as the opportunities of a big city. The business sector has grown in recent years, partially due to the research and technology at the city’s two universities. Students appreciate the outdoor recreation opportunities in a town surrounded by fields, forests, and lakes.

The University

Founded in 1477, Uppsala University is one of the most distinguished in Europe. It is the oldest university in Scandinavia with buildings spread throughout the town. Several famous scholars have worked at the university, among them Carl von Linné, Olof Rudbeck, and Anders Celsius. The institution has an international reputation for high-quality research and boasts eight Nobel Prizes since 1901. Today, the university offers research and education in the humanities, the social and behavioral sciences, economics, technology, law, medicine, and natural sciences. More than 40,000 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled in the nine faculties. The university library, the Carolina Rediviva, is one of Scandinavia’s best-equipped libraries for research and study in the liberal arts.

The Program

The Boston College Exchange Program at Uppsala University gives BC students the opportunity to immerse into student life in Sweden. BC students may choose courses from a wide range of curricula offered in English.

Course selection

Courses in Uppsala are offered as intensive block courses. Students enroll in one course at a time, lasting between four and six weeks. Students are expected to take a total of three to four courses to achieve a total of 30 credits in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). All BC students are required to study Swedish language or culture. This requirement may be met by completing the intensive basic Swedish course offered during the first four weeks of August, or with a language or culture course during the semester.


Upon arrival, BC students participate in an orientation program offering practical information on Uppsala, the university, student life, and various aspects of Sweden.

Academic support

Students are assigned to faculty advisors from the Uppsala faculty.


Students can choose from several options, including "Studentstaden" (student hostels) such as “Hotel Uppsala,” "Ekeby," and "Lilla Sunnersta."


Thirteen clubs called “Student Nations” offer a range of events such as a monthly formal ball, disco, Jazz concerts, as well as a variety of social, academic, and athletic activities. The International Committee organizes a welcome party, excursions, and the International Pub, where BC students have the opportunity to meet Swedish and international exchange students.