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Strasbourg, France

program description



Strasbourg is the most “European” of French cities. Bordering Germany and Switzerland, it is literally set “at the heart of Europe”. This city of half-timbered houses and flower-lined canals is home to the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Human Rights Commission. The city offers easy access to lakes, mountains and valleys of the surrounding Vosges region. As sister cities, Boston and Strasbourg share a lively cultural, educational, and economic exchange.

The University

Since early 2009, three formally separate institutions joined forces under the newly establishes umbrella of L'Université de Strasbourg. BC students can study at the following units of the university:

Ecole de Management de Strasbourg (EMS)

Located in a prime position on the university campus of the Esplanade district, EMS is a member of France’s premier league of “Grandes Ecoles” and one of the best business schools in France. EMS trains future European managers and is an excellent program for BC business students in particular. A number of English taught courses are offered.

Institut d’etudes Politiques

The IEP, also known as the Sciences Po Strasbourg, is another member of France’s “Grandes Ecoles” and part of the University of Strasbourg. The IEP offers an ideal intellectual environment for BC students majoring in economics, political science, and international relations. Courses in history and other social sciences are also available. Students take all of their courses in French.

Université de Strasbourg (UdS)

The Université de Strasbourg offers a wide curriculum in the natural sciences and the humanities, including courses in languages, the arts, historical sciences, philosophy, psychology, the social sciences and theology. Students can also take science and psychology courses. BC students take courses in French.


BC students concentrate their studies at one of the three units, but can also take courses at any of them.
The Strasbourg program offers an advanced track program for students with a minimum of six semesters of college-level French before departure and an intermediate track for students with at least one year (two semesters) of elementary French. Intermediate track students take all of their courses at the Institut International d'Etudes Francais, which is affiliated with the UdS. The on-site coordinator offers academic advising and organizes many activities that immerse students into local culture. The BC in Strasbourg program begins with an early start intensive language program.


BC students register for courses with the assistance of the on-site coordinator once they are in Strasbourg.


Students work with on-site coordinator throughout the semester for course-related concerns and advising.


The bc on-site coordinator makes arrangments for housing for all participants prior to arrival. Semester students reside in homestays, while full-year students live in a local apartment or homestay.


The on-site coordinator organizes monthly cultural events and trips to the nearby region and other parts of France. The university has top-rate academic facilities and a sports center.