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Granada, Spain

program description

The City

Granada is located 425 kilometers (265 miles) southeast of Madrid, at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and only 70 kilometers from the Mediterranean Coast. The population of Granada and its metropolitan area is over 400,000. Granada is famous for its rich Jewish and Islamic heritage between the ninth and fifteenth centuries. The exquisite Moorish citadel and palace, La Alhambra, symbolizes this period of Spanish history.

The University

The University of Granada was founded in 1531 by Emperor Charles V. Granada was established as a university city, open to all peoples, cultures, creeds and ideologies. Throughout the centuries, the University of Granada has seen its influence grow not only in the social and cultural scene of the city, but also at the national and international levels. Today, the University of Granada is the third largest university in Spain. Its rich tradition is continually reinforced by a firm commitment to future innovations and quality, a combination that makes it a center for all fields of learning.

The Program

The Granada Institute of International Studies (GRIIS) academic courses include Spanish undergraduate courses intended for the development of Spanish language skills and coursework geared towards the humanities, with new courses designed to complement studies in Islamic and Jewish cultures. Classes are held at the University of Granada's Modern Language Center but do not include direct-immersion courses at the University, except on a case-by-case basis. BC students participate in classes with other international and European scholarship students. All courses are taught in Spanish by professors from the University. Additionally, BC students can enroll directly in Arabic and Hebrew language classes at the University of Granada.

The Granada Institute of International Studies and its academic programs are directed by Amalia Pulgarín. Dr. Pulgarín is a native of Spain and holds a Ph.D. degree in Hispanic Philology from Boston University. She was a faculty member at Boston College, Boston University, Simmons College and the Monterey Institute of International Studies. She has directed study abroad programs in Spain for over 15 years, and served two terms as Vice President of the Association of North American Universities Programs in Spain. As a scholar, she has published two books and numerous articles and book chapters on literary criticism published in Europe and the U.S.

Courses and Internships

Students attending semester or academic-year programs will take up to 5 courses per semester chosen from a broad curriculum. A special undergraduate seminar, taught by the program director and geared exclusively to GRISS students, is mandatory. Internships in a variety of fields are offered in the spring semester to qualified undergraduate students attending the full academic-year program only. Teaching practica designed to fulfill international student teaching experience are available to Lynch School of Education students.

Extracurricular Activities

Granada is known as a university city, and home to many cultural activities that serve the large student population at the University of Granada. GRIIS students will have a rich program of extracurricular activities, including day-trips to nearby places such as the Alpujarras Mountains and Nerja Coast, or monument cities such as Cordoba and Seville. A two-day visit to Madrid is also scheduled. Visits to exhibits, lectures or movies are frequent. Sport activities are also organized by the program.


All students are housed in Spanish homes. GRIIS makes the appropriate arrangements for these accommodations. They provide students an opportunity to experience Spanish family life and to use the language in the context of everyday situations.