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Copenhagen, Denmark

program description


The City

Traditionally associated with Sören Kierkegaard, the Vikings, and the Little Mermaid of Hans Christian Andersen, Denmark is home to 5.4 million inhabitants and consistently ranks first among European nations in quality of life. The capital city of Copenhagen, in contrast to the pristine surrounding countryside, is characterized by the gaiety of Tivoli and the jazz and club scene. Palaces, parks, and cobblestone streets lend a royal character to this “Queen of the Sea.”

The Universities

University of Copenhagen

Founded in 1479, the University of Copenhagen is the primary institution of higher learning in Denmark, with 37,000 students. The program is particularly well-suited for students specializing in European political systems and social policy.

Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

Founded in 1917, CBS is one of the three largest business schools in Northern Europe, with 14,000 students. The CBS library is the national library for business and economics. The program is ideal for the study of international business from a European perspective.

The Program

Students choose one university and enroll directly in courses at their host university. Students take at least one course focusing on Danish language or Danish society and culture. As most BC students choose courses taught in English, classmates include significant numbers of visiting students, primarily European.


Both programs offer orientation sessions prior to the fall and spring semesters. Visiting students are matched with student mentors who help with issues of orientation and integration.

Academic support

Students are assigned to a study advisor from the International Office at the University of Copenhagen; the International Office at CBS also provides academic counseling.


Students typically share apartments with other international students, live in dormitories, or are placed in private rooms in homes or dormitories.


Beyond regular university events, clubs, and sports, BC students participate in activities for international students including visits to music events and area museums.

Summer opportunities

Exchange students at the University of Copenhagen may apply for a five-week, intensive Area Studies summer course in Danish. The program runs from late June to late July. For more information, visit:
The CBS also offers a six-week summer program from late June to early August that students can participate in through the exchange program. More information can be found at