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Bergen, Norway

program description

The City

Bergen, “the gateway to the fjords,” is a scenic medieval city of 260,000 inhabitants with houses built into the surrounding mountains. Once a trading port and shipping capital, Bergen’s history has long been tied to the sea, creating a unique and diverse local population and culture. Today the sea still provides the city with its most important resources—fish, oil, gas, and maritime transport. Bergen is known as a modern university town and cultural center with theaters, museums, and numerous music and cultural festivals. The surrounding mountains provide skiing, hiking, rock climbing, and biking. The mild climate in the city seldom falls below freezing.

The University

The University of Bergen (UiB) comprises seven faculties, 16,000 students, and a staff of 3,300. While hosting nearly 1,300 foreign students, UiB is breaking new ground as it offers a truly international academic arena for study/research in numerous English language courses across all faculties, with specialties in marine and environmental studies, mass communication, computational physics, and medicine and health. The university is situated at two main sites within the city—Arstadvollen, where many health-related disciplines are located, and Nygärdshoyden, where the natural and social sciences, psychology, law, and the humanities are taught.

The Program

BC students select a primary department, but may enroll in courses from several departments. A broad English language curriculum is offered. In addition, English is widely spoken by Norwegians on campus and in the city.

Orientation/Academic support

Student Services provides academic and personal counseling to students as needed.


Popular student activities include various student groups, which organize mountain hikes, trips to the university’s cabins in the countryside, other excursions, and parties. Also of interest is the Student Society, which holds weekly debates on current topics, the student newspaper and radio station, the University Symphony Orchestra, and the International Students’ Union.