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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

program description


The City

A major European center of commerce and culture, Amsterdam is a lively combination of old and new, with picturesque canals, beautiful 17th century architecture, world-renowned museums, and an international harbor and airport. Its strong international heritage is due to its role as a major seaport for explorers and merchants and as a haven for persecuted foreigners. Today, the city’s cosmopolitan nature is represented in its arts, music, restaurants, social life, and open and tolerant atmosphere. A traditional center for education and the arts, Amsterdam has inspired talents such as Rembrandt and van Gogh and offers an ideal environment for intellectual and extracurricular pursuits.

The Universities

Universiteit van Amsterdam
(Early Deadline Program: Choose by December 16, 2011)

Founded in 1632, the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA) is the second largest and most international university in the Netherlands. To attract some of the best students from around the world, UvA has developed strong academic programs in English, which currently offers 30 international certificate, masters, and PhD programs. The university enrolls close to 25,000 students in seven faculties, including over 2,500 international students and researchers from over 100 countries.

Amsterdam University College

Amsterdam University College (AUC) was established as collaboration between the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam. AUC is a small, selective honors college designed to support interdisciplinary learning and teaching.  All classes are taught in English. AUC offers a broad range of classes in the liberal arts and sciences. AUC’s unique academic program fosters connections across several different academic disciplines. Students can take classes related to economics, communication, the sciences, philosophy, etc.

The Program

Boston College students are fully immersed in one of the universities, taking regular courses in English and socializing with their Dutch and European counterparts. English is widely spoken in the Netherlands. A broad curriculum is offered across a number of disciplines.

Course selection

BC students must take a minimum of 30 ECTS credits per semester in order to earn full BC credit.

Orientation/Academic support

Students participate in an introduction program offered by the universities at the start of each semester. Onsite support is offered by the program in which the student is enrolled.


Students are typically housed in university dormitories in the city. Rooms are single or double occupancy with shared or private baths and shared kitchens.


The universities offer a variety of social activities, including a mentor program, excursions, and social events. The universities also offers a variety of clubs, although most activities are conducted in Dutch, though English is widely spoken.