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Study Abroad Advising - Schedule an Appointment

office of international programs

Advising in the 2014-2015 academic year will begin on September 18, after the BC Study Abroad Fair on September 17. Students must meet with an Advising Assistant first. If you are a member of the Montserrat Coalition, you should first meet with the Montserrat Coalition Liaison, before you meet with an Advising Assistant. After the Advising Assistant meeting, students have the option to schedule an appointment with a Program Manager. Program Managers will begin appointments starting October 1, including summer programs. Follow the instructions below to schedule an appointment.

BC students receive the same quality advising whether they go on BC or approved external programs during the semester and academic year.


Talk to an Advising Assistant (AA) about general aspects of going abroad. Learn about policies and procedures, how to research programs, and next steps. AAs are available by appointment. Monserrat Students can meet with the Monserrat Coalition Liaison to begin the process and will be refered to an AA after that.

The Program Manager is a staff member with special expertise in a given region. Your Program Manager will help you with the application process and will be a point of contact during your experience abroad. Students who arrive to meet with a Program Manager will be asked to reschedule if they have not met with an AA prior.

All programs that are mandatory full year enrollment require students meet with a Program Manager. Please refer to the Overseas program page for those programs.

Please click on the appropriate Manager's name below to make an appointment.

Summer Programs

Those interested in the BC Summer Internship Programs are required to meet with the Summer Programs Manager, Erin Shevlin. For students interested in all other BC summer programs abroad, an advising appointment is optional. Those who do not want to schedule an appointment may click here to proceed directly to submitting an application.