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office of international programs

In economically difficult times it is important to remember that studying abroad does not have to be more expensive than staying on campus. While some programs in large metropolitan areas may cost more than a semester in Chestnut Hill, expenditures for many other programs are less than at BC.

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Semester & Academic Year Programs

Cost comparison between BC and external programs
BC Program
External Program


BC tuition Varies by program; consult program provider
Financial Aid
State, federal, and BC financial aid fully transferable Only state and federal financial aid can be applied; BC financial aid does not transfer
Admin. Fee
Included $1,000
Health Insurance

HTH Worldwide Insurance Services,
$160 fall semester
$175 spring semester

$160 fall semester
$175 spring semester
Varies by program Consult program provider
Varies by program Consult program provider
Varies by program Consult program provider
Varies by program Consult program provider
Other Expenses
Varies by program Consult program provider


Summer Programs

BC summer programs have a different cost structure. Students are billed BC summer tuition, program fee, HTH Worldwide fee, and registration fee.

For a list of available Summer 2015 Programs, click here.

For a list of Summer 2015 costs, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am going on a BC program. What will my bill look like?

A: BC program participants are billed BC tuition and can be considered for BC, federal, and state financial aid. For some programs, housing costs are put on the BC bill. Participants are responsible for handling all other expenses. 


Q: I am going on an external program. What will my bill look like?

A: External program participants pay tuition and fees directly to the external provider. Consult the program for costs. You remain eligible for federal and state financial aid only. An ‘External Program Fee’ is placed on your BC bill to cover all BC services provided. If you receive financial aid, complete a “Consortium Agreement” (available at Student Services) and submit it to the financial aid office of your external program. The signed consortium agreement should then be sent back to Boston College where the address is listed on the form.


Q: What do I do if I am expecting a refund?

A: If you expect a refund from a financial aid package, submit a Refund Request through Agora. BC will not automatically forward aid funds to external programs. Refunds cannot be requested before funds arrive at BC, and no earlier than the start of the BC term for which you are abroad. For more information on the refunds, please check the BC eRefunds webpage.


Q: Will I receive a refund for Activities Fees and Health Services fees because I am a study abroad student?

A: Students going abroad in Fall or Spring will be billed for the full year of both fees, and should pay them upfront. They will then receive a refund for 50% of both fees near the beginning of the semester they go abroad. Students going abroad for the full year do not need to pay these fees as they will be fully refunded after students have turned in their Final Confirmation Forms.


Q: Is HTH mandatory?

A: All students are charged an HTH insurance fee for each semester they are abroad. Check with your advisor if you are going on an external program that already provides similar coverage and benefits.


Q: What should I do if I have four years of housing?

A: Students with four years of BC housing should complete a “Leave of Absence Form” for their time abroad. This form can be completed on Agora (see "My ResLife Forms").   

Montserrat Coalition

If you are a member of the Montserrat Coalition, you should first meet with the Montserrat Coalition Liaison, before you meet with an Advising Assistant, to discuss your financial aid opportunities.