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office of international programs


Students in Venice. Photo: Abby Berenson

Credits & Grades

OIP processes transcripts form programs abroad as they arrive. We will send you a copy of the grade and credit translation once your transcript is processed. To avoid delays and complications in the processing of your overseas transcript, be sure to do the following:

  • Request that your host institution send your transcript to OIP (not Student Services):

Boston College
Office of International Programs
Hovey House
140 Commonwealth Ave.
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3926

  • Check if your host institution requires a student 'transcript request' form or release in order to send your grades to BC. If so, complete this process before returning home.
  • Pay any outstanding balances on your host institution account—the school will not release the transcript if you have an unpaid balance.
  • If you received your transcript at home, do not open it. OIP must receive your transcript in a sealed envelope.
  • Keep copies of all syllabi and course work completed abroad, including written work, notes, exams, etc. in case there is a problem with your transcript.
  • If you need your transcript expedited due to a scholarship or job application, or to comply with BC athletic rules, notify OIP immediately. 

Credits & Grades

BC Programs

BC program participants receive elective credit for courses they passed. The OIP Grading Scale indicates how OIP will convert your grades. If your program is not listed, it means that U.S. grades are placed on the host transcript. Course titles, credits, and grades will appear on your BC transcript and will be factored into your GPA. Courses listed as ‘withdrawn’ or ‘failed’ on the host institution transcript will be listed that way at BC.

Approved External Programs

Courses with grades of "C-" or higher will be given elective credit at BC. OIP honors the approved external program grades reported by the program provider. Course titles, credits, and grades will appear on your BC transcript, but are not factored into your GPA.

All Programs

Once a course has been designated as "Pass/Fail" it must remain that way—i.e., OIP cannot change a Pass grade to a letter grade, or vice-versa.

BC will not award credit for non-academic courses such as food, wine, yoga, fitness, martial arts, chorus, or sports classes, and will not list audited courses on your BC transcript. Students will receive a maximum of 18 BC credits per semester.

Study abroad courses count as general electives toward graduation. In addition, specific courses can count toward BC major, minor, or core requirements with departmental approval.