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Skype provides extensive documentation at the bottom of any of its web pages, starting from Skype's home page. The following steps can point you towards useful information for getting started.  If you have questions or would like further assistance, please contact

Setting up Skype

  1. Go to the link for the type of computer you use, and click the Download Skype button.
  2. The next screen will guide you through the process of installing and the program.
  3. To open the program:
    • On a PC, open Start > Programs and select Skype
    • On a Mac, open Finder > Applications and select Skype
  4. When the program opens, click the button to Create new account and fill in the fields.

Making Skype calls

  1. Add the person you will be calling as a Skype contact:
  2. To initiate a call to one of your contacts:

Screen Sharing

See Skype documentation at the following links:

When one caller initiates screen sharing, occasionally there is a delay before the other sees it. Try turning off your video, as this sometimes allows better result with screen sharing.

Skype provided documentation
For troubleshooting help