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Accessibility Checklist

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Understanding web accessibility can be a little overwhelming at first, but as instructional technology professionals in higher education, we all share responsibility in ensuring our instructional technology is accessible to all users, including students, faculty, staff, and other users with disabilities. Everyone needs to have at least a little bit of knowledge. For example we should all be able to tell whether something has basic accessibility features.

The following checkpoints provide a starting point for evaluating web resources for accessibility and can be used to ask vendors to demonstrate the accessibility of their products, services, and resources.

  • Can the application be used with only the keyboard?
  • Do images have appropriate text descriptions?
  • Do pages have a consistent look-and-feel?
  • Does text have enough color contrast?
  • Do pages include headings and landmarks?
  • Do form controls and widgets have labels?
  • When styling and layout is removed, is the document understandable?
  • Does audio content have transcripts?
  • Do videos have captions?

Checkpoints based on W3C Web Content Accessible Guidelines --