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How can I use lecture capture at BC?

  • Lecture Capture in the Classroom: Boston College uses Echo360 as its lecture capture system. With Echo360, instructors teaching in specially-equipped rooms can automatically record their class meetings and presentations or start and stop the recording process at will
  • Personal Capture on a Laptop: Personal capture records presentations through Echo360 software on the instructor’s computer, so recordings can be created anywhere and at any time. The system requires a built-in microphone or headset for the audio recording and a webcam if the instructor would like to include a video (optional). A limited number of licenses are available; please contact us for further information

What Classrooms are Equipped with Lecture Capture?

  • Campion 131
  • Cushing 001
  • Cushing 206
  • Devlin 008
  • Fulton 117
  • Fulton 130
  • Fulton 150
  • Fulton 245
  • Fulton 250
  • Fulton 415
  • Fulton 423
  • Fulton 425
  • Fulton 453
  • Fulton 511
  • Higgins 300
  • Higgins 310
  • Law School (please contact Law School Media Services for more information)
  • McGuinn 121
  • O’Neill 253
  • St. William's Chapel
  • Stokes 195 South

How do I Publish Captures?

After recording stops, the recording is uploaded and compressed, and then automatically inserted in the course’s Canvas site. Students can then log into the Canvas course site to view the recording. All of this happens behind the scenes, without any additional work on the part of the instructor. Editing options are available, however, as is an ability to prevent the recording from being released to students until the instructor specifies. The finished recordings are viewable on both Mac and PC platforms.

What are the Benefits of Using Lecture Capture?

  • Lecture Capture can contribute to improved comprehension. Particularly for classes that cover a large amount of difficult or technical material, the ability for students to return to a recording of a particular class and review exactly what was said can be invaluable
  • Use of Lecture Capture can increase student participation. If students know they can review the material after class, they will be less focused on taking notes and more engaged in the course
  • Students can easily record presentations in class and make them available for their classmates to critique and review
  • Recordings of guest speakers and presenters can be made and used for subsequent courses