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Creating a Podcast

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There are a number of ways to create a podcast. Podcast creation for iTunes U is easier on a Mac because most of the screen recording tools on a PC create .FLV or .WMV files. iTunes U is only able to accept .MOV, .MP4 for video files. If you are creating an audio-only podcast, then Audacity is a free program for Windows (and Mac) that will do a nice job. The built-in mics on a fairly new Mac or PC laptop will be fine for some podcasting situations. If you are working in a quiet office, preparing supplementary materials for instance.  On the other hand, if you want to make a class recording live, then you’ll need a wireless mic plugged into your laptop or the classroom computer. If you want to also record the activity on your screen, then you’ll need to add some software running in the background.

For Powerpoint or Keynote presentation, there is a product called Profcast that runs on Macs or Windows computers and makes a nice Enhanced Podcast (described above). If you want to record your screen and are not using either Keynote or Powerpoint, then Quicktime X will now do screen recordings on the Mac platform. On Windows, you could use Windows Media Encoder and then convert from .WMV to .MOV or something like Camtasia.  

If you are interested, please contact us and we’ll help you get set up for podcasting on iTunes U.