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Register student i>clickers

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In order for i>clicker to match responses with student names, clickers need to be registered and synchronized.  Here is the process:

  • Students need to use their clickers at least once in class, so the instructor’s software folder has a record of them.
  • Students need to register their clickers through the Agora portal (see the instructions for students, and feel free to share this web page with them).  For classes with less than 50 students, clickers can be registered in class through a roll call; please contact IDeS staff for assistance with this process. 
  • The registrations and records of in-class use must be synchronized so they match as follows:

1. Open your i>grader application.

open iGrader

2. Select your course and click "Choose".

choose course

If the Session Summary Instructions box appears, click "Close".

3. Click "Sync", this will bring up the i>clicker integrate box.


After a brief process, a message will appear indicating how many records were updated.  Student names will now appear in black, indicating the process is complete.  Close the box to view i>grader as it appears updated.