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Customizing the question toolbar & results graph

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If you would like to change the size of your question toolbar or the appearance of the results graph, you can do so by following the steps below.

Customizing the Question Toolbar

1.  Click on the i>clicker icon in the i>clicker folder on your hard drive.

2. Choose the course for which you would like to register your i>clicker. Click on ‘My Settings’ from the screen that appears

iClicker screen with "My Settings" button

3. From the settings tabs, select Polling.

iClicker My Settings to select Polling

Select the Toolbar Size: Small or Normal.

Tool bar size selection box

Set the amount of time given to the students to answer each question. The timer can be set to count up from 0 seconds or count down from a specified time

Polling timer

Results graph

From the toolbar, select results icon:


A window will pop up showing the results distribution. You can customize the view from the toolbar on the bottom left.

Results Chart

From these options:

Dropdown box

1. Click on the button displayed above to set the right answer for the question asked.

Correct Answer: Select the student response that is correct. Select "Other" if no student response is correct.
Drop down box for type of chart

2. You can choose the type of chart showing the answer distribution by clicking on the button displayed above.

Drop down to select the type of chart

3. You can switch between questions asked by clicking on the arrow buttons on the bottom right of the results page

Arrow button