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asking i>clicker questions

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Once the i>clicker software is running questions can be asked at any time. While inserting slides with questions into a powerpoint presentation is most common, any software can be used in conjunction with i>clicker. i>clicker will take a screenshot of whatever is on the screen when a question is polled for reference.

To start a question click “A-E” on the i>clicker toolbar.

i>clicker toolbar

When a question is started the right end of the toolbar will show a timer counting up or down in black and a set of numbers in green. The numbers in green signify the amount of answers submitted.  This is a way to monitor how many students have submitted an answer or when to stop the question once the total matches the amount of students present.

Toolbar - questions started

If you have selected the countdown feature and would like to change the duration of the timer on the fly you can do this by clicking the up or down arrow on the toolbar.  This either increases or decreases the time by 20 seconds.

Countdown feature on iClicker toolbar

To stop a question, simply click the red Stop button on the i>clicker toolbar.

For more information on timer settings, see Customizing the Toolbar and Results Graph.