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Setting i>clicker frequency for classroom

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If your room is near another room where a class may also be using i>clicker, you and your students will need to change the frequency of your i>clicker remotes at the beginning of each class to prevent potential data conflicts. The IDeS staff member working with you will tell you which frequency to use with your i>clickers in your classroom.

Once you know which frequency to use, here is how to set your i>clicker system to the correct frequency (you'll probably want to do this before class):

1. Open the i>clicker application and select a course.

2. The menu pictured below will appear. Click on “My Settings” in the lower left hand corner:

My Settings button

3. In the “Select Frequency Code” section, select the letters given to you by your IDeS support member relays to you. See How to change the frequency of your i>clicker for instructions on how you and your students will set the frequency when in class.

Frequence options