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Real Player


Check Your Connection Speed

  • Make sure RealPlayer and QuickTime are configured to your connection speed. If the wrong connection speed is chosen in your preferences, the image may become pixilated or distorted.

RealPlayer on a PC

1. In RealPlayer, click the Tools menu, and then select Preferences. The Preferences box opens.

2. In the Category pane, click Connection.

Connection Preferences

3. Click the Test Connection button.

Test Connection Button

4. Click on the Perform Test button to determine your current connection speed.

Perform Test Button

5. Click the Update button to set your minimum bandwidth preference.

Update Button

6.Click OK.

7. Try to play the clip again.

RealOne Player on a MAC

1. In RealOne Player, click the RealOne Player menu, and then select Preferences. The Preferences box opens.

2. Select Connection from the menu on the right. In the Bandwidth box, the Maximum Bandwidth reflects your actual network connection speed. Make sure the Connection Speed above it (for RealOne Player) is set no higher than the Maximum Bandwidth. If pictures appear distorted, your actual connection to the network might be below the Maximum, and the problem may be solved by lowering the Connection speed.

Connection Settings

QuickTime on a PC

1. To edit the preferences click on Edit and choose preferences.

QuickTime Preferences

2. Click on the down arrow to choose the setting that needs to be edited.

3. Select “Connection Speed” in the pull down menu. Choose the appropriate connection speed.

QuickTime Connection Speed

4. Select “Instant On” in the pull down menu and make sure that “Enable Instant-On” is checked.

Instant On Option

QuickTime on a MAC

1. From your Finder, open the Applications folder > Utilities folder > Network Utility.

2. With the Info tab selected, look in the Interface Information block for the Link Speed.

Interface Information Settings

3. From the Finder, open Applications > System Preferences and select QuickTime. Make sure the Connection Speed selected there corresponds to the link speed given in Network Utility.

Connection Speed Settings

If you have any questions about your connection or other difficulties playing media files, please contact

Viewing Movie Files on a PC

Please note that when trying to view a QuickTime file when RealPlayer is already loaded onto a machine, that the following Auto Update window may appear when trying to view a QuickTime movie file.

QuickTime Auto Update

Simply click OK. Real Player will play the Quicktime movie.

Viewing Movie Files on a MAC

If both Real Player and Quicktime are installed on a MAC, then RealPlayer will act as the default application for movie files. This will cause the following error to appear when one tries to view a quicktime movie (.mov file) on a MAC.

MAC QuickTime Auto Update

To circumvent this problem you will need to edit the preferences within RealPlayer.

To edit the preferences please follow these instructions:

1. Open up Real Player.

2. Click on the RealOne Player menu option, and choose Preferences.

RealOne Player Preferences

3. Choose Media Types.

4. Uncheck the box that corresponds to "Always play with RealOne Player."

Always play with RealOne Player

5. Click OK.

6. When following window appears, click Configure.

Configure RealOne Player

7. Your browser will now close. Relaunch your browser to view your video file.

Your Mac should now distinguish from a .rm file which needs to open up in RealPlayer and file that will need to be opened in Quicktime.

For assistance, please contact