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Digitizing Videos

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If you are digitizing copyrighted material, please refer to "Dissemination of Copyrighted Material."

Converting Videos with Real Producer

1.Launch Real Producer 10

2. Insert VHS or DVD into the player.

3. Move the mouse over the unmarked circle that is next to “Devices” and select it.

Devices Option

4. Now click on the audio pull-down menu to the right of “Devices” and select the proper audio device. Devices vary but generally the one that is not marked USB should be the proper device.

Audio Device Option

5. Click the Settings button, select Recording Mixer, and make sure Line-In is selected.

Line-In Option

6. Once the Audio is selected move the mouse to the video menu below audio and select the proper audio device. This should be the “USB VideoBus II.”

7. Go to the top tool bar and pull down the “File” menu and click on add new file destination, this will allow you to save your file. For easy access create a basic folder on the desktop and save your files there until your finished. The place for the new file will appear in the Destination list.

New File Destination

8. Now once you have added where you wish your video to be saved go over to the “Audiences” tab which is directly under the right view screen.

Audiences Button

9. Once you select “Audiences” a split menu should pop up, the left side should have a large list while the right has only a few or none at all. If there are any items in the right menu click on each and remove them by pressing the trashcan icon at the bottom of the list.

10. Once the list to the right is clear head over to the left side list and select “256 DSL or Cable,” “384 DSL or Cable,” and “512 DSL or Cable” adding each to the right side menu by using the arrow icon in the center of the two menus. Once all three are selected and added close the window. (Note: The DSL/Cable settings stated above are consistent for on campus BC Audiences, audiences may vary if intended for viewers outside of Boston College’s server. If your viewer population includes students living off campus, select 56K, 256 DSL or Cable and 384 DSL or Cable).

Audience Connection Speed

11. This will allow you to enter in metadata such as the title, date, comments, etc.

Metadata Information

12. Now just press play on your VHS or DVD player and when you wish to start digitizing press the encode button at the bottom right of the Real Producer screen.

Encode Button

13. Once you have recorded what you wanted press stop and wait for the file to complete, you should be able to see when the file is complete by looking at the status of the file and the white box just below “Clip Information.”

14. Now you are all set, just close out the Producer and your file should be exactly where you told the Producer to put it during step 7.

NOTE: Writing and completing the file can take sometime depending on the speed of the computer and the size of the file being digitized, do not restart the computer or run other programs during this process! Digitizing takes up a lot of memory, so it is best not to run any other programs during the digitizing process. If you need to leave before the processing is done, please put a “do not disturb” note with on the keyboard (be sure to mention your name, and if possible give contact information).

NOTE: Digitizing is done in real-time which means if you wish to record a 90 minute movie it will take you 90 minutes before the movie is completed. Any fast forwarding or rewinding will be seen in the final product.

In some cases the audio and video will not sync up, you may notice this if you hear someone speaking before you see their lips move. If this happens it is generally due to system slowdown, make sure that there are not any other programs running in the background, and your system has at least 512MB of RAM. This problem can also happen if the hard drive is fragmented and a de-fragment should be performed before attempting to digitize again.


Selecting a shorter clip from within a Real Media file

(This can be useful if you discover the file has run on past the end of the video or DVD, or if you only want particular sections of a complete movie.)

1. Make a note of the exact time you want the clip to start and stop. You can find this by simply clicking the original file to play it, and noting the time counter beneath the screen on the right.

Time Counter

2. In Real Producer Basic 10, pull down the File menu and select Edit RealMedia file. The RealMedia Editor will open.

3. Pull down the File menu and select Open RealMedia file. Browse to the file from which you want to select the clip, and click Open.

4. On the right just under the ruler you will see a field labeled In. Type in the exact time you wish the clip to start. If you wish to start at the beginning, leave field as it is (it should read 0.000). For example, for a clip starting five minutes, five seconds into the file, type 5:05.000. For a clip starting one hour, five minutes, five seconds into the clip, type 1:05:05.000.

Beginning Clip Time

5. In the Out field just below, type in the exact time you wish the clip to stop, using the same format as for the In field.

6. To name and save the new clip, pull down the File menu again and select Save RealMedia File as…. Once you have saved it, navigate to the file and open it to check that it meets your specifications.

If you encounter difficulties or would like further information, please contact