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Delivering Online Media

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Overview and Getting Started Information

Boston College's Information Technology maintains a Helix server to support multiple streaming media formats. This server is the recommended location for streaming media files (such as movie clips) to be displayed in Blackboard Vista and other web sites.



Who can put files on the Helix server?

  • Departments, faculty, staff, and graduate instructors; certain student projects may also qualify.

What types of material can be put on the Helix server?

  • Material must relate to the mission or operations of Boston College (teaching, research, administrative operations, marketing, training, etc.) At this time we are not hosting personal material, nor media resources for student or alumni club web sites.

Who to contact to get started

  • For Faculty, Graduate Instructors, and Staff working directly with them:
    Instructional Design and eTeaching Services:

  • For Administrative Projects:
    David Corkum, Assistant Director, Video Services, Media Technology Services, ATS:

  • For Law School Faculty and Staff:
    Wayne Daley, Assistant Director, Newton Audiovisual Services, Media Technology Services, ATS:


How can I get started with streaming media?

  • I want to develop media materials, but lack the time or interest to do the work myself.
    See the contact information above. An IDeS staff member will meet with you to discuss your project and develop a plan, making referrals as needed.

  • I want to do this work, but I don't have the equipment or software.
    Contact Instructional Design and eTeaching Services staff for assistance in the Interactive Media Lab (see the media creation documentation, which describes the process):

  • I want to get set up to do this in my department or office.
    Contact Scott Kinder (Academic Technologist, IDeS) to arrange a site visit at your office.