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Why is Blackboard Vista Being Retired?

Blackboard Vista is no longer used for course delivery at Boston College and the system platform will be retired at the end of the fall 2014 semester. Below is information regarding what IDeS will export and/or migrate for you, and some steps you can follow to export your own content from Blackboard Vista.

What Material Is Being Migrated into Canvas?

Blackboard Vista is being retired because our University license is no longer supported and we have chosen Canvas as our new learning management system. For more information on how to set up your Canvas course, see our Canvas page.

Instructional Design and eTeaching Services will be migrating three years of Blackboard Vista content into Canvas for course Instructors. Content that will migrate into Canvas consists of any instructor uploaded or generated content. Please note that this does not include the gradebook or student submissions. If you are a course Instructor or Designer and would like to request a course be migrated into Canvas older than academic year 2011-2012, please fill out this form: Course Content Migration Request Form

What Is Not Being Migrated?

Gradebook data and student submissions will not be migrated into Canvas. ITS has encrypted and is storing all Blackboard Vista gradebook data for the next five (5) years. You  can retrieve and unencrypt gradebooks upon request should you find that you need any. If, however, you would like to store your own copies of your gradebooks and/or student submissions, we recommend exporting this material and storing it securely on a  departmental server or in MyFiles. Steps to export your Blackboard Vista gradebook and student submissions are below.

How Long Do I Need To Keep My Blackboard Vista Data?

The University’s Record Retention Policy recommends keeping Blackboard Vista content for one year and gradebooks for five years. The University will ensure your data is accessible in accordance with these recommendations.

  • Blackboard Vista instructor content will be kept for three years
  • Blackboard Vista student submission content will be kept for one year
  • Blackboard Vista gradebooks will be kept for five years

Additional Resources

I’m a Student. How do I Download My Blackboard Vista Course Submissions?

To download your Blackboard Vista assignment submissions:

  • Log in to Blackboard at, and enter your course
  • Click Assignments
  • Choose the assignment with submissions that you wish to download
  • Download your assignment by clicking the hyperlink to your assignment