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Voice Recorder

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The Wimba Voice Recorder allows you to easily add listening exercises and voice messages into any Blackboard Vista course page. Wimba Voice incorporates a small recorder and playback feature that can be placed in your Blackboard Vista page allowing instructors to verbally explain complex ideas, post assignments, or simply highlight important ideas that will be discussed in upcoming lessons.

To add a Voice Recorder message to your Blackboard Vista course website, perform the following steps:

Make sure that your headset with microphone is attached to your computer, or make sure that your internal microphone is able to adequately record the message that you wish to post.

Log in to your course website at and click on the “Build” tab in the menu bar at the top of your screen; then click on the “Add Content Link” tab:


From the drop down menu, select “Voice Recorder:”


The “Create Voice Recorder” window will appear; click on “Create Voice Recorder:”


Follow the prompt and enter a title for your Voice Recorder message; then click continue.

The Create Voice Recorder page will appear. The page will automatically retain the title that you previously entered. Enter the audio settings that you prefer or just leave the defaults as they are and click “Continue.”

You will see a message in the top title menu bar of your Blackboard Vista homepage that says “The items were added to this folder:”


Wimba will automatically add an icon for your Voice Recording to the homepage of your Blackboard Vista site:


To record your message make sure that you are in the “Build” tab and click on the drop down arrow to the right of the icon; then click “preview.” Or, make sure that you are in the “Teach” tab and just click on the title of the icon.

The Launch Voice Recorder screen will appear (see below).

First click “Setup Wizard” on the right of the page and follow the wizard’s prompts; when you finish your computer is ready to use Voice Recorder.

Then click “Launch Voice Recorder” on the left of the page:


The Voice Recorder recording and playback area will appear:

In order to record your message, click the red “record” button; to end your recording, click the white square “stop” button:


After you record your message, if you would like to hear it playback, click on the green “play” arrow:


And you are finished! The message will remain on your homepage.

If you would like to download the audio recording from your Blackboard Vista site to your desktop, click on the Student View tab; while in Student View, a message will appear under the Voice Recorder icon that says “Save audio file”. Click on “Save audio file” and then when prompted choose save and the audio file will be saved to your desktop.

If you need further assistance, please contact: