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Voice Tools

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voice tools

Wimba Voice Tools are "mini applications" instructors can use to provide online voice interaction, both asynchronous and real time. They are available in Blackboard Vista, and include threaded voice boards, voice-enabled email, embedded voice within course pages, and live group discussions.

Getting Started

  • Voice Board - allows instructors and students to create messages and respond to each other in threaded voice discussions open to the whole class. 
  • Voice Direct - a live-voice chat room that allows students to converse with their instructor and listen to other students’ comments, in live or archived format.
  • Voice Email - allows instructors and students to send voice messages directly to other instructors, students or the entire class.
  • Voice Presentation - a tool that allows instructors to record audio and sync it with any web page linked in the Blackboard Vista site in order to create a unified presentation for students to view.
  • Voice Recorder - allows instructors to make audio recordings and post them to Blackboard Vista for student playback.
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