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Beyond Ricci

History professor Fr. Jeremy Clarke, S.J., was funded by an ATIG grant to create a website that would introduce readers to the Jesuitana Collection at the Burns Library. Because Fr. Clarke's expertise is Chinese history, he chose to focus on rare books written about China by Jesuit missionaries and to make digitized versions of several books available to the public online for the first time. The result is an engaging and visually rich resource for scholars, teachers, and students to explore East-West cultural exchange in the early modern period.

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Forgotten Chapters

Prof. Lewis received several grants to curate the exhibition "Forgotten Chapters of Boston’s Literary History," hosted at the Boston Public Library and the Massachusetts Historical Society in the spring of 2012. One of these grants was an ATIG to create an exhibit website to provide mobile content in the exhibit and make the content available online. He used this as an opportunity to collaborate with students, and have them conduct scholarly work in the digital humanities and generate content for both the exhibit and website.