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Biology Commons

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biology commons

Clare O’Connor teaches an upper level laboratory course, and wanted to make a collection of methods available online so that it could be shared with her class, as well as colleagues at BC and other institutions. The web site she is creating includes visual tutorials as well as written instructions in pdf form, and links to resources for further study. A further stage of development will include publication of data from student experiments.

The site was partially funded through a grant from the National Science Foundation. The initial design was created by IDeS with original photographs, including some provided by O'Connor. The visual tutorials, each a series of stills accompanied by text, are developed using Adobe Captivate by O’Connor and her assistants.

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Project Team

Content Direction and Development

  • Clare O'Connor Dept. of Biology (A&S)

Graphic Design and Consultation

  • Bill Porter Instructional Web Producer IDeS

Project Manager

  • Sarah Castricum Instructional Designer IDeS