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La Muerte de Jesús

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la muerte de jesus

After Phil Cunningham and Barbara Radtke worked with IDES to create The Death of Jesus: Four Gospel Accounts mini-course, they collaborated with IDeS again to translate this site into Spanish to serve the large Spanish-speaking audience around the world.

Barbara Radtke enlisted Theology Professor Hoffsman Ospino to translate the content and re-record the audio that accompanies the presentations throughout the site. Professor Ospino also edited the site before it when live to ensure that the Spanish text was accurate and that no content was left untranslated. IDeS staff worked closely with Prof. Ospino to create the new site, migrate the content into Spanish, and re-record the audio. IDeS also found ways to modify less obvious interface elements to that interactions throughout the site  would be user-friendly for a Spanish-speaking audience.


Faculty Development Team

  • Philip Cunningham Executive Director Center for Christian-Jewish Learning, Dept. of Theology (A&S)
  • Barbara Radtke Program Coordinator C21 Online, STM, IREPM

Spanish Translation and Narration

  • Dr. Hosffman Ospino STM, IREPM

Project Manager

  • Tim Lindgren Instructional Designer IDeS