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Immersive Environment for Psych Research

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immersive environment

Faculty members Maya Tamir and Aaron Walsh shared the goal of creating games based in a virtual environment which could be used in psychology experiments. Their collaboration allowed students of 3D Graphics and Virtual Reality technology to further their skills in those fields.  Tamir now uses the two games they produced to conduct experimental research on goal-driven human behavior, and to train students of social psychology about experimental designs through hands-on experience.

She and assistant Brett Ford planned the game based on conceptual research needs, while Aaron Walsh guided his students Kamal Rowe and Greg Gallo in developing them using an existing game platform (Unreal Tournament 2004). Logistical support and oversight was provided by IDeS.


Content Direction and Development

  • Maya Tamir Dept. of Psychology (A&S)

Content Development Assistance

  • Brett Ford A&S ‘09

Game Development Supervision

  • Aaron Walsh WCAS

Game Development

  • Kamal Rowe WCAS ‘09
  • Greg Gallo WCAS '09

Game Development Consultation

  • Scott Kinder Academic Technologist IDeS

Project Management Assistance

  • Sarah Castricum Instructional Designer IDeS