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Ad Theologiam

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ad theologiam

Theology core courses are taught by many instructors with differing approaches, not following a shared curriculum but often touching on common figures and texts. Boyd Taylor Coolman saw the need for a repository that would allow faculty and Teaching Fellows (some of whom are planning classes for the first time) to share readings, images, syllabi and other teaching resources. He worked with Sarah Castricum, Instructional Designer in IDeS and occasional instructor for Introduction to Christian Theology, to develop a site where he and his colleagues could contribute, search for and comment on content.

The structure of the database was mapped out with generous assistance from other members of the theology department. IDeS provided graphic design and created the database, using a combination of technologies to allow searching across a range of categories in support of interdisciplinary teaching.


Content Direction and Development 

  • Boyd Taylor Coolman Dept. of Theology (A&S)

Repository Development Consultation

  • Ken Himes Chairperson
  • Pat Kilcoyne Assistant Chairperson
  • Professor Ruth Langer

Content Development Consultation

  • Gauvin Bailey Dept. of Theology (A&S), Catherine Cornille Dept. of Theology (A&S), John Darr Dept. of Theology (A&S), Jeffrey Geoghegan Dept. of Theology (A&S), Yonder Gillihan Dept. of Theology (A&S), Father Robert Imbelli Dept. of Theology (A&S), John Makransky Dept. of Theology (A&S), James Morris Dept. of Theology (A&S)

Content Development Assistance

  • Erin Galgay GSAS '09

Web and Database Development

  • Brad Mering Graduate Web Developer IDeS

Web Development Supervision

  • Jamie Walker Instructional Web Developer IDeS

Graphic Design

  • Bill Porter Instructional Web Producer IDeS

Project Manager

  • Sarah Castricum Instructional Designer IDeS