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Death of Jesus

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death of jesus

Phil Cunningham and Barbara Radtke approached IDeS with an idea for an online tutorial that would enable participants to explore the Gospel passion narratives in new ways. Their target audience for this tutorial included religious educators, liturgy planners, members of scripture study groups and preachers, as well as a general audience of anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the Gospel narratives. We created a website featuring interactive commentaries that guide users through each of the five scenes in the four Gospel narratives, supplemented by historical background materials and an introduction to reading the Bible in the Catholic tradition.

The IDeS staff collaborated with a graphic designer to create a customized Blackboard Vista interface, and the faculty team produced the site's content. Cunningham created more than 20 PowerPoint presentations with embedded audio commentary that were converted into a web-friendly format. Radtke designed a series self-checks using Blackboard Vista's quiz/survey tool so that participants could evaluate their learning at the end of each section. The result was a self-guided tutorial that allowed a wide variety of users to explore the site's content at their own pace.

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Project Team

Faculty Development Team

  • Philip Cunningham Executive Director Center for Christian-Jewish Learning, Dept. of Theology (A&S)
  • Barbara Radtke Program Coordinator C21 Online, STM, IREPM

Project Manager

  • Tim Lindgren Instructional Designer IDeS

Audio/Video Digitizing

  • Michelle Ng Student Assistant IDeS

Graphic Design

  • David Prior Consultant