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Global Perspectives on Gender Inequalities

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global perspectives on gender inequalities

With observers of economic development and the growth of civil society increasingly recognizing the importance of gender issues to these concerns, Karen Kayser proposed a new course on the subject for the Graduate School of Social Work. She wanted the course to have a significant online presence so that it could provide resources conveniently for GSSW students with limited time on campus, and include students at other institutions.

The site she created includes text and video material, links to the Social Work library and outside resources, and a Discussion Board for exchanges with and among the students. It is set up in Blackboard Vista with a content module for each unit of the course, and custom graphics provided by IDeS. There is also a capability to include scholars and students from universities outside the US through video conferencing.

Project Team

Content Direction and Development

  • Karen Kayser GSSW

Content Development

  • Professor Betty Blythe GSSW

Content Development Assistance

  • Jessica Johnson GSSW '09

Graphic Design

  • Darren Abrecht Graduate Web Assistant IDeS

Project Manager

  • Sarah Castricum Instructional Designer IDeS