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Clinical Strategies

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clinical strategies

Inspired by the Center for Home Care site, Joyce Pulcini and her colleagues in the Connell School of Nursing envisioned a web site for CNS students and faculty as well as practitioners in local hospitals and agencies, some of whom supervise CSON students in the field. They also had the goal of providing a Blackboard Vista environment rich in content, communication and assessment activities, for a graduate CNS course with a significant online component.

Course modules were collaboratively developed by a team of CSON faculty and CNS supervisors, representing a diversity of specializations. An area for staff offers related professional and educational resources. IDeS staff provided design consultation, custom graphics, and training for CSON assistants maintaining the site.

Project Team

Content Direction and Development

  • Joyce Pulcini Project Leader CSON
  • Rosanna DeMarco CSON
  • Michele Mendes CSON
  • Sandra Mott CSON
  • Mary Lou Siefert CSON
  • Carole Atkinson Children’s Hospital
  • Karen Daly CNS, Community Health
  • Susan Hamilton-Bruno Children’s Hospital
  • Mary Horn Children’s Hospital
  • Trish Lincoln Children’s Hospital
  • Michele Morin Children’s Hospital
  • Monica Onyango CNS, Community Health
  • Linda Walsh School Nurse Newton Public Schools

Website Development Assistance

  • Cherisse Sardon CSON '07
  • Vanessa Lara CSON '08
  • Meaghan Bradley CSON '09

Graphic Design

  • Bill Porter Instructional Web Producer IDeS

Project Management

  • Sarah Castricum Instructional Designer IDeS