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20th Century and the Tradition

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20th century

The Arts and Science Honors program wanted to develop a site that would serve as a common resource for the course "20th Century and the Tradition," a seminar required for all 3rd-year students in the program. Because this course is highly interdisciplinary in nature, the Honors Program needed a vehicle for distributing a wide variety of multimedia course material to both students and faculty.

Instructional Design and eTeaching Services staff collaborated with a team of Honors Program faculty and a graphic designer to develop a Blackboard Vista site whose visual design, organization, and functionality reflected the particular needs of this course. Library staff helped digitize audio and video material so that users could access them online, and student assistants gathered texts and images that also would be included in the site. This content was then organized into categories that reflected the range of topics covered by the seminar: Art, Architecture, Music, Cinema, History, Science, and Thought. Finally, IDeS helped the Honors Program develop an ongoing strategy for developing the site so that faculty could continue to upload new content.

Project Team

Faculty Development Team

  • Mary Joe Hughes Assistant Director A&S Honors Program
  • Michael Martin Associate Director A&S Honors Program
  • Professor John Michalczyk Chair Assistant Chairperson Dept. of Fine Arts (A&S)
  • Alan Lawson A&S Honors Program
  • Elizabeth Chadwick A&S Honors Program

Project Managers

  • Tim Lindgren Instructional Designer IDeS
  • Jeanne Po Associate Director IDeS

Audio/Video Digitizing

  • Colleen Dunkley Media Center Supervisor/Technician

Graphic Design

  • Lisa Mayer Consultant

Website Development Assistance

  • Justin Harrington Student Assistant IDeS
  • Brian Hilley Student Assistant A&S Honors Program