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Perspectives I

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perspectives i

Encompassing multiple instructors and more than twenty sections, this distinctive Boston College program seemed an ideal candidate for a digital repository of shared material. The faculty team also wanted a means of visually representing the relationships among philosophical and religious movements and leaders, and other forms of culture. To protect the resources they were gathering and observe copyright restrictions, the instructors decided to take advantage of the password protection offered by Blackboard Vista and have a course site established in which all Perspectives I students would be automatically enrolled.

The project was completed in two phases, one for each semester of this year-long course. For the first, the team collaborated with graphic designers in Media Technology Services and web assistants in Instructional Services to create a site structure based on the three thematic units of the course, centered around Athens, Jerusalem and Rome respectively. Independent consultant David Prior used images from ArtStor, a database available through the Libraries, to create a design for the second semester structured around its chronological exploration of modernity and theological responses. Content for both semesters includes information on major writings and figures, and artistic works touching on themes explored in the writings. The site draws on databases available through the BC libraries, and links to select external resources.


Faculty Development Team

  • Brian Braman Director Perspectives Program
  • Kerry Cronin Director Lonergan Center
  • Marina McCoy Dept. of Philosophy (A&S)
  • Paul McNellis, S.J. Dept. of Philosophy (A&S)

Project Manager

  • Sarah Castricum Instructional Designer IDeS

Library Resources Consultation

  • Jonas Barciauskas Head Collection Development (O'Neill Library)
  • Adeane Bregman Librarian Bapst Art Library
  • Andrea Frank Curator of Visual Resources Dept. of Fine Arts (A&S)


Web Design Consultation 

  • Lisa Cherin Assistant Director of Operations MTS

Graphic Design

  • Jason Williams Student Assistant MTS

Website Template Development

  • Maria McDowell Instructional Designer IDeS

Website Development Assistance

  • Ryan McHaffie Project Assistant Perspectives Program
  • Sarah Foster Student Assistant IDeS


Graphic Design

  • David Prior Independent Consultant

Website Template Development

  • Maria McDowell Instructional Designer IDeS

Website Development Assistance

  • Justin Harrington Student Assistant IDeS