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Child Growth and Development

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child growth and development

Coordinating the social science core courses Child Growth and Development (PY030) and Family, School and Society (PY031), Professors Penny Hauser-Cram and Jackie Lerner provide a wealth of professional and multi-media material to 8-10 sections and their instructors. They saw the benefit of delivering these resources through a web site so students could continue to refer to them outside class, and have convenient access to the library databases essential to work in the field (one assignment involves writing a research literature review). With the site in place, meetings of all the section instructors can focus on the pedagogical questions of teaching their complex material.

The site for PY030 was designed by a consultant arranged through Instructional Design and eTeaching Services, which also provided the staff support for developing and hosting it in Blackboard Vista. The same design was adapted in the next semester for PY031. Using the course management system, the sites were placed in an environment already familiar to instructors and students and availability of copyrighted works was limited to them.


Faculty Development Team

  • Professor Penny Hauser-Cram Counseling, Developmental and Educational Psychology (LSOE)
  • Professor Jacqueline V. Lerner Counseling, Developmental and Educational Psychology (LSOE)
  • Marina Vasilyeva Counseling, Developmental and Educational Psychology (LSOE)

Project Manager

  • Sarah Castricum Instructional Designer IDeS

Web Design Consultation

  • Lisa Cherin Assistant Director of Operations MTS

Graphic Design

  • David Prior Web Design and Graphics Consultant

Website Template Development

  • Timothy Lindgren Instructional Designer IDeS
  • Nirmal Trivedi Graduate Web Assistant IDeS

Website Development

  • Selva Lewin-Bizan Doctoral Candidate LSOE

Website Development Assistance

  • Justin Harrington Student Assistant IDeS
  • Cristina Joy Student Assistant IDeS