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Astonishing the Senses Demo

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astonishing the senses demo

As teachers of theater, one of the greatest challenges Crystal Tiala and Jennifer Stiles face is the ability to effectively convey the interdisciplinary nuances of theatrical style and of the consciously imposed structure and form of a play text or theatrical production which communicates the mood and ideology of an era to its audience. 

With the help of Instructional Design and eTeaching Services, Tiala and Stiles developed a demo for a media book that teaches the principle styles of Western theater. The demo used Flash to deliver a number of different types of media which allows for more interactivity and gives students more control of their own learning. The demo will provide the architecture and the framework for the entire project which will cover styles of Western theater from the mid-eighteenth through the twentieth centuries. This project is in the process of being further developed.

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Project Team

Content Development

  • Crystal Tiala Dept. of Theatre (A&S)
  • Jennifer Stiles Lecturer Dept. of Theatre (A&S)

Project Manager

  • Jeanne Po Associate Director IDeS

Flash Design and Development

  • Ethan Gordon Freelance Flash Consultant