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the future of the lecture

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lecture is dead - tim lindgren

This discussion was the first in a new series of “Teaching and Technology Conversations” hosted by Instructional Design and eTeaching Services. The question for this session was “Is it time to rethink the traditional lecture?” and it focused on Dr. Eric Mazur’s eTeaching Day Keynote from May 2012.

Teaching and Technology Conversations

These discussions are designed to encourage dialogue among BC faculty and staff about instructional technologies that have broad impact for teaching and learning, both at BC and beyond.

Topic: The Future of the Lecture

Is it time to rethink the traditional lecture? At eTeaching Day in May 2012, Dr. Eric Mazur from Harvard University presented a provocative keynote that questioned the efficacy of the lecture in its traditional form and described how techniques like “flipping the classroom” and “peer instruction” can turn large classes into active rather than passive experiences. This conversation gave BC faculty and staff another chance to discuss the presentation and to reflect on the role of the lecture in the context of rapid technological and economic change.