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Do You Wimba? Using Wimba Voice Tools as a Means of Oral Assessment and Communication

April 22, 2008

Wimba Tools consist of a suite of tools that have been integrated with WebCT and Blackboard Vista. The Wimba voice tools facilitate and promote vocal instruction, collaboration, coaching, and assessment. During this presentation Andrea Javel Dept. of Romance Languages and Literatures and Cindy Bravo from the Language Lab focused on the pedagogical implications of this application for the Foreign Language classroom, which include examples of student work (in French and English) and its assessment.

The presentation was followed by a demo of Wimba's Live Classroom by Sarah Castricum IDeS. Wimba Live Classroom is a virtual classroom which supports audio, video, application sharing, and content display. This tool can be used inside of Blackboard Vista or as a stand alone web conferencing application.

2008 luncheon