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Presentation Resources

  • Showcase
    Virtual Forensics
    Ann Burgess

    Ann Burgess

  • Showcase
    Academic Integrity
    Clare Dunsford
    Margaret Cohen

    Clare Dunsford

  • TWIN Awards

    TWIN Awards

  • Keynote
    Problem of Attention
    Dr. David Bogen
    Dr. Eric Gordon


  • Workshops


  • Full Day Resources
    Photo Gallery

    Full Day Resources

Virtual Forensics

  • Ann Burgess CSON

Online Academic Integrity Tutorial

  • Clare Dunsford A&S and Margaret Cohen Educational Resource Center (LSOE)

Clare Dunsford and Margaret Cohen

2011 Teaching With New Media Award winners

  • Jeremy Clarke, S.J. Dept. of History (A&S)
  • Evan Kantrowitz Dept. of Chemistry (A&S)
  • Serena Moseman-Valtierra Dept. of Biology (A&S)
  • Dia Philippides Dept. of Classical Studies (A&S)
  • College of Arts and Sciences


Intimacy, Expertise, and the "Problem" of Attention -Designs for Post-Industrial Education

  • Dr. David Bogen Emily Carr University and Dr. Eric Gordon Emerson College

Blackboard Vista Drop-in Clinic

Lecture Capture

Interactive Content with MediaKron

Open Access Publishing

Virtual Communication

Emerging Technologies for Teaching

Photo gallery