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  • Belle Liang LSOE

Digital XUL

  • Ernesto Livon-Grossman Dept. of Romance Languages and Literature (A&S)
  • Website

Center for Excellence in Home Care

  • Adele Pike CSON
  • Elaine Gardner VNAB

Keynote Speaker

  • Marc Prensky Founder Games2train
  • Website

TWIN Awards


Dreamweaver MX 2004

  • Maria McDowell IDeS and Bill Porter IDeS

Introduction to WebCT

  • Helen Healy IDeS and Darren Abrecht IDeS

Integrating Audio and Video into WebCT

  • Scott Kinder IDeS and Jamie Walker IDeS

Beyond WebCT: Developing Web-based Resources for Teaching and Learning

  • Sarah Castricum IDeS and Jeanne Po IDeS

AJCU's CADE Seminar for Faculty Development

  • Richard Vigilante Jesuit Distance Education Network

Blogging as a Teaching Tool

  • Tim Lindgren IDeS and Brad Mering IDeS

Podcasting Demo

  • John Lemansky Apple