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2005 Spring

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Distance Ed Spotlight: CSON Post-Masters Teaching Program

  • Rita Olivieri CSON, Peter Olivieri CSOM, Robin Wood CSON, Joyce Pulcini CSON, and Laurel Eisenhauer CSON

Northeastern University: Urban Teaching Connection

  • Donna Qualters Northeastern University and Micky Cokely Northeastern University

Apple for the Teacher: iLife '05 and Tiger Demonstration

  • Apple Representatives

Keynote Speaker

  • Jon Paul Potts OpenCourseWare, MIT


Dreamweaver MX 2004

  • Tim Lindgren IDeS and Maria McDowell IDeS

Introduction to WebCT

  • Helen Healy IDeS and Beth Clark IDeS

Integrating Audio and Video into WebCT

  • Jeanne Po IDeS and Scott Kinder IDeS

Beyond WebCT: Developing Web-based Resources for Teaching and Learning

  • Sarah Castricum IDeS

WebCT Vista Demonstration

  • Sheila Mehta-Green WebCT Inc.