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Introduction to Canvas

New to Canvas or want a refresher? Come to an introduction to Canvas workshop.
After completing this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Navigate the Canvas website
  • Select a homepage
  • Edit content
  • Organize modules
  • Add content (including documents, PDFs, PPTs, as well as library course reserves)
  • Create an assignment
  • Navigate the Speedgrader and Canvas Gradebook
  • Organize the left navigation menu
  • Add TAs and Librarians

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Need some help with end-of-term grading? A Canvas grading workshop might be for you.
After completing this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Organize assignments into groups and set group weights
  • Specify how students will be graded through the assignments feature for online, paper, and no-submission assignments
  • Annotate/comment on student work and grade student work using SpeedGrader
  • Assign grades through the Gradebook
  • Manage instructor and student views of graded content
  • Develop rubrics for assessment
  • Export grades to .csv file
  • Edit the grading scheme
  • Manage and assess student work using peer review
  • Emerging Technologies for Teaching

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Advanced Use of Canvas

After completing this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Organize your course using the Canvas calendar, including: 
    • Scheduling office hours and meetings 
    • Organizing assignments and events 
  • Develop collaborative class activities
    • Set up groups using People 
    • Set up a group assignment 
    • Set up and participate in collaborations 
    • Create a whole-class and group discussions
    • Use collaborations and Peer Review tool for peer feedback
  • Create content online using Canvas Pages 

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Classroom Strategies

This series of workshops explores various topics in teaching and learning. Descriptions of individual workshops can be accessed by clicking on the title of each workshop. If you have an idea for a teaching workshop that you do not see listed here, please feel free to contact us at with your suggestions.

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MediaKron 3.0

Mediakron is an online toolkit for digital curation and storytelling developed at Boston College. It's a platform that makes it easy to collect media content and organize it in a variety of ways, including slideshows, maps, timelines, comparisons, and more. This workshops will provide an introduction to the newly revised version of MediaKron and will explore ways the application can be used to build digital projects for teaching and scholarship.

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Virtual Conferencing in Canvas

Advances in virtual communication have made it easier than ever to hold synchronous class sessions remotely. Based on demand from faculty members to be able to hold class even while snowed in, this workshop will discuss the setup, use, and optimal conditions under which virtual conferencing can be used through Canvas. Attendees will receive specific training on use of the built-in virtual communication tool in Canvas and discuss best practices for its use.

  • This workshop aims to prepare attendees to:
  • Set goals to accomplish in a virtual conferencing session.
  • Make use of the features in the Canvas virtual conferencing tool to meet the goal.
  • Share with students any information they will need to participate successfully.
  • List potential concerns to anticipate, for themselves and their students, and how to avoid or solve them.

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