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Troubleshooting Tips - Understanding Error Messages

bc application server - browser troubleshooting

Following are the error messages and issues we have encountered and their resolution (these apply only when using the Application Server through a browser - not the Citrix Receiver).



ERROR: Using Firefox, you are unable to open an application and receive a certificate error (figure 1).

RESOLUTION: Use Internet Explorer 8 or 9 to access: This should resolve the error and allow you to use FireFox in subsequent visits.

unable to launch notification
Figure 1.

Add Web Site to Trusted Sites Zone Screen - Internet Explorer

ERROR: You see a screen (figure 2) instructing you to "Add Web Site to Trusted Sites Zone".


    1. Open Internet Explorer.
    2. From the Tools menu, select Internet Options.
    3. Click the Security tab.
    4. Click the Trusted Site icon and click the Sites button.
    5. Enter and click Add.

add website to trusted zone
Figure 2.

Application Does Not Launch (Open) - Any Browser

PROBLEM:  Your web Browser attempts to open file: launch.ica and hangs (figure 3).

RESOLUTION: The Citrix Client needs to be installed on the computer you are using.

Citrix Client Installation - Mac

Citrix Client Installation - Windows

file loading screens
Figure 3.

Problem Accessing Apps Storage Directly - Windows computers not on the Domain

PROBLEM: You are unable to successfully map a drive to on your Windows computer that is not on the BC Domain.

  • Faculty and staff Windows BCCR computers ARE members of the BC Domain (you log into "BC").
  • Most student computers are NOT members of the BC Domain.

RESOLUTION:  When mapping a drive to, be sure to select "Connect using different credentials" and "BC\" should precede your username (example: bc\smithj) when you authenticate. View step-by-step instructions