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Logging on and Opening an Application (Browser)

bc apps

Before the Citrix Receiver was available to access the BC Application Server, the Citrix Client was the tool used to do so.

If you already have the Client installed on your computer and prefer to access BC Apps through a browser, you may continue to do so (although installing and using the Receiver is recommended).

If you are using BC Apps on Windows using Chrome on a device you have not used BC Apps on previously, please follow these additional instructions after initial setup.

Accessing BC Apps

  1. Open your supported Web Browser and go to:
  2. Enter your BC username and password.
  3. Click the Log On button.

Opening applications

After inital setup, Favorites is selected as the default. Follow these steps to add applications.

  1. Select Apps to view the available applications.
  2. Select the application you want to open. The selected application will open in a separate window, and you may begin working.

Learn about working with files on BC Apps.

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Apps Storage Initialization

The very first time you open an application in BC Apps, the process to initialize your designated Apps Storage ( space occurs.

You will see a message window indicating your account is being initialized (Figure 3). Click OK.
You may need to log on again before opening up the application.

Note to users of the original version of BC Apps:

You will need to complete the initialization before you can access the App Storage drive directly.