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Information Technology Services

Security Contest - May

you are the key to information security

Faculty and Staff Only:

Enter for a chance to win one of many fun prizes by completing the Security Contest below. 

May Prizes:

  1. $50 BC Bookstore Gift Certificate
  2. $10 BC Dining Gift Certificate

Please answer ALL questions.

Review Contest Rules for eligibility.

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 ITS Feature Article
 Chronicle Article
 BC Info
 Lunch and Learn Training Session
 Information Table - Café 129

1. While traveling, you can be sure that computers in _________________ are secure.

 your hotel
 coffee shops
 public libraries
 None of the above

2. True or False - If you are an American citizen, it is illegal for foreign countries to copy data from your computer without your knowledge or consent.


3. Before you travel, what should you do to protect your computer and online accounts?

 Change your password for your BC account and any Internet services you use such as Gmail, Facebook, or Picassa.
 Update all software immediately before travel.
 Backup your computer.
 Check the computer manufacturer’s website for repair information in the country to which you’re traveling.
 All of the above.