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Information Technology Services

Agora Portal Overview

getting started with technology at boston college

What is the Agora Portal?

The Agora Portal ( is a central place where a wide variety of information or services from multiple sources are accessible. The information available in Agora Portal is based on your role(s) (e.g., faculty, staff, student, or applicant) at Boston College. Your role(s) determines your access for reading, searching, updating, and personalizing the information and services in your portal.

For example, a Boston College student can access information from Student Services, Library Services, and Dining Services and display the information from these three sources in a single location.

The presentation of information in a portal can be customized by an individual. This allows you to select and organize content within a portal.


You must be a member of the Boston College Community to use Agora Portal. You must have a BC username and password.

Web Browsers

The recommended web browser to view the Agora Portal is Mozilla Firefox.The supported web browsers are:

  • Windows: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox
  • Macintosh: Mozilla Firefox, Safari

Agora Portal Portlets

My Services Tab

The My Services Tab will give you access to all the commands you can perform within Agora Portal.
my services


Directory Search

You can perform basic searches of the Boston College Directory directly from your Agora Portal Home Page.

To search for a person:

  1. In the left hand corner, scroll over the search bar, then choose BC Directory (see Figure 2)
    bc directory search
    Figure 2.
  2. In the search box, type their full name, first name first followed by their surname, you may also search by surname alone.
  3. Click the magnifying glass.
    You will be brought to the Directory Search results. Within the results, click the name for further contact information.