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Information Technology Services

Network Upgrade June 2015

Connecting to the Internet @ BC

About the Upgrade

ITS (Information Technology Services) will be upgrading the entire network on campus this June. This upgrade will provide an easier and more secure experience for those who connect to the Internet at BC. Additionally, upgrading to the eduroam wireless network will allow BC community members to easily connect to the eduroam networks at participating universities around the world. Learn more about the upgrade to eduroam.

Key Dates:

  • 6/4: Wireless network upgrade to "eduroam" wireless network complete.
  • Summer 2015: Wired networks upgraded building-by-building. (View detailed schedule)

On this page:

What to Expect

  • Wireless: You will be required to switch to the “eduroam” wireless network. 
  • Initial Login: You will need to login using your BC credentials:
    • (Note the
    • BC Password (Password used for Agora Portal)
  • The upgrade will be implemented in phases, starting with upgrades to the wireless network on June 2 and June 4. 
  • This will affect all devices that connect to the BC wireless and wired networks: computers, smartphones, tablets, printers, etc. 
  • After the wireless upgrade is implemented, the “bcsecure” network will no longer be available. The “BostonCollege” wireless network will be for guest use and manual registrations only. 
  • Additional information and support will be available as this project progresses. 

Upgrade Schedule

Pilot Locations: The network has already been upgraded in a few buildings as part of testing. Anyone who connects to the network in these locations will need to take steps to connect to the upgraded network. Learn more about how to connect in 129 Lake Street, Cadigan Center, St. Clement's, and 3 Lake Street.


For the remaining buildings, the wired network will be upgraded building-by-building in June 2015. Schedule subject to change:

Wireless Upgrade to "eduroam"
Date Location
Completed June 2 Main Campus & Brighton Campus
Completed June 4 Newton Campus
July 23 Dover, Dorchester, and Weston


Wired Upgrade
Date Location
Completed Pre-June 3 Lake Street, 129 Lake Street, Cadigan Center, St. Clement's, Fitzpatrick, Gonzaga, Roncalli, Welch, Williams
Completed June 3                Lyons Hall, St Mary's Hall, and Bapst Library 
Completed June 4 Newton Campus
Completed June 9 Higgins, Stokes, McElroy, Carney, and Walsh
Completed June 10  Alumni Stadium, Conte Forum, Yawkey, Merkert, 90 More Hall, Beacon St. Garage
Completed June 11 66 Comm. Ave, Devlin, Fulton, Gasson, O'Neill Library
Completed June 25     Claver, Fenwick, Kostka, Loyola, Xavier
Completed June 30 McGuinn, Cushing, Edmonds, Stayer
Completed July 1 Mods, Vanderslice
Completed July 7 Corcoran Commons, Plex, Lower Dining Hall, Southwell Hall, St. Ignatius, Robsham, Cheverus, Medeiros, O'Connell House, Shaw House
Completed July 8 College Rd Buildings and Hammond Triangle Buildings (36 College Rd., 50 College Rd., 72 College Rd., Service Building, 10 Stone Ave., 14 Mayflower Rd., 142 Beacon St., 188 Beacon St., 194 Beacon St., 22 Stone Ave., 24 Quincy Rd., 30 Quincy Rd., Ricci House, 55 Lee Road, 66 Lee Road, Bea House, Botolph House, Bourneuf House, Bowman House, Brock House, Canisius House, Connolly Carriage House, Connolly House, Daly House, Donaldson House, Faber House, Flanagan House, Haley Carriage House, Haley House, Heffernan House, Hopkins House, Hovey House, Joyce House, Lawrence House, Manresa House, Murray Carriage House, Murray House, Rahner House, Roberts House, Waul House) and the Service Building
Completed July 22 2101 Comm. Ave., 9 Lake St., Greycliff Hall, Theology and Ministry Library
Completed July 23 Properties in Dover, Dorchester, and Weston
August 5 Rubenstein, Ignacio, Gabelli, Voute & Campion Hall
August 11     Maloney Hall

Connecting to the Upgraded Network:

Connect computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices:
  1. Wireless: Connect to the “eduroam” wireless network.
    Wired: Plug your Ethernet cord into your computer.

  2. Windows: Click on the pop-up in your tool bar that says "Additional information is needed to connect to this network"

  3. Login with:
  4. Select “I Agree” or “Continue” if you receive any certificate messages.

  5. Mac: If prompted, enter your Mac administrative username and password (the password you use to log in to your computer).
Connect VoIP Desk Phones (if applicable):
  • Reboot your VoIP phone by disconnecting and reconnecting the Ethernet cable.
Connect Chromebooks
  • Click on the Wi-Fi icon, and select eduroam. Enter the following settings:
    • EAP method = PEAP
    • Identity =
    • Don't fill out anonymous identify field

Connect Game Consoles and Other Devices to the Network Manually

Some devices must be registered manually, such as game consoles, and will need to use the "BostonCollege" network. Using a device that is already connected to the network, visit and select "Register Other Device." Follow the prompts on the screen to manually register the game console or other device. Once complete, you can connect the device to the "BostonCollege" network (NOT eduroam).

Guests (Non-BC Users)

To connect to the new network:

  1. Connect to the “BostonCollege” wireless network.
  2. Go to and select “Guest Registration.”
  3. Complete the registration form.
    You will receive a confirmation email and/or text with your login credentials.

Pre-Configure your Computer to Connect to Eduroam before coming to Boston College

These steps will only configure your device so it will be ready to connect to eduroam at BC or another eduroam campus. These steps will not connect you to the BC network while you are off-campus. Additionally, we highly recommend you test your connection to eduroam at Boston College before attempting to use eduroam at a participating institution.

  1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet in your off-campus location.
  2. Visit the eduroam website:
  3. Select "Download your eduroam installer" and search for "Boston College."
  4. Download and run the installer for your device, and follow the prompts on the screen.
  5. Then try steps 1-3, in the "Connecting to the Upgraded Network" section above. 

Trouble Connecting?

If you have trouble connecting, try restarting your computer or device.

Windows Computers - Trouble connecting?

Some Windows computers require configuration before connecting to the upgraded network.

  1. Connect to the “BostonCollege” wireless network.
  2. Go to and select “Download Windows Configuration Software” and then install the software.
  3. Next, follow the "Connecting to the Upgraded Network" section above.

NOTE: For computers without wireless Internet, you may need to follow manual configuration instructions with the help of ITS Support.

Mac Computers - Trouble Staying Connected?

You may need to make eduroam your preferred wireless network.

  1. Click the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar and then click Open Network Preferences.
  2. Select Wi-Fi in the left pane and then click Advanced.
  3. Under the Wi-Fi tab, drag “eduroam” from the list of preferred wireless networks so it is above “BostonCollege.”

Need Help?

Call the Technology Help Center at 617-552-HELP (4357) or bring your laptop or device to the Walk-In Help Desk in O'Neill 316.



How do I manually register devices after the upgrade?

Some devices must be registered manually, such as game consoles, and will need to use the "BostonCollege" network. Using a device that is already connected to the network, visit and select "Register Other Device." Follow the prompts on the screen to manually register the game console or other device. Once complete, you can connect the device to the "BostonCollege" network (NOT eduroam).

I thought we already had eduroam. How is this different?

Eduroam is already available in select locations on campus, but this upgrade will roll it out to the entire campus. Learn more about Eduroam.

What if I need to change my BC Password?

Before changing your BC Password, you should open the network settings on your mobile devices, and "forget" the eduroam wireless network. This will help to prevent you from being locked out of your BC account temporarily, as those devices may attempt to use the old password to connect to eduroam. And, for the best experience, ITS recommends that you change your BC Password using a computer, if possible. Learn more about how to change your BC Password.

About Eduroam

Eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.

Now available at thousands of colleges and universities in over 50 countries, eduroam allows members of the Boston College community to easily connect to the Internet when visiting other participating institutions.

BC ITS strongly recommends that you first connect at BC before traveling to allow time for any possible troubleshooting that may be necessary.