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About Sharing Permissions


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About Default permissions

By default, every file and folder is created with three sets of permissions for:

  • Owner - You are the owner of your files and folders within your own MyFiles@bc account.
  • Authenticated Users - All Boston College faculty, staff, and students have a MyFiles@bc account. People must be logged into MyFiles@bc to see the files and folders they have been granted access to. Use this category for making your files and folders available to the entire Boston College community.
  • Public - Any person accessing the MyFiles@bc site without an account or a BC person who has not logged into MyFiles@bc. Use this category for making your files and folders public to the outside world.

    Figure 1

About Permission Types

You can control the type of access your files and folders have by using different types of permissions. The table below illustrates the permission types available:

Permission type

Gives access to individuals or groups to

Viewer (Read-Only) only read a file or folder.
Contributor (Read, Write, Delete) read, write (edit), and delete a file or folder.
Full Access (Read, Write, Delete, Administrator) all the above plus grant others access to read, write (edit), and delete a file or folder.