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Frequently Asked Questions



Why use MyFiles?

  1. Share files with yourself:
    • When you email a file to yourself or burn it to a CD, you are creating a duplicate copy. By using MyFiles@bc instead, you are always accessing the same file from any Internet connection.
    • You can also set up MyFiles@bc to keep older versions of your files in case you need them. Learn more about MyFiles versioning.
    • Using MyFiles@bc instead of email eliminates the use of email as a file storage system.
  2. Share files with others:
  3. Publish sensitive information securely by controlling access to your files:
    • You decide who can access your files by person, course, department, or group. You can also grant access to the public or to all BC people.
    • You decide the level of access other people have to your files by granting read, write, delete, or administer permissions.
    • Your files are secure. Search engines and random people cannot search for your protected files.
  4. Collaborate with others & manage your files:
  5. Backup your important files:
    • Since faculty and staff have 1 GB of space by default on MyFiles@bc, you can use it to backup your important files. Students: By default, your disk space quota is set to 100 megabytes.
    • MyFiles@bc is a Boston College ITS system that is managed 24 hours a day x 7 days a week and is backed-up (with off-site backup storage).
    • When you delete a file or folder in MyFiles@bc, it gets moved to the Trash folder. In case you delete a file or folder by accident, you can move or copy them out of your trash to restore them.
  6. Utilize new WebDrive technology:
    • MyFiles@bc takes advantage of WebDrive technology (only on Windows), which is a standardized, platform-independent set of extensions to HTTP 1.1 that allows you to collaborate over the Internet by editing and managing files remotely.


How do I restore deleted files or folders?

When you delete a file or folder in MyFiles@bc, it gets moved to the Trash folder. In case you delete a file or folder by accident, you can move or copy them out of your trash to restore them. Learn how to restore deleted files and folders from the trash.

When you empty your trash, those files and folders get permanently deleted. If the files or folders you need were emptied from your trash, you now need to request a file/folder restore.


  • You only have 21 days to restore files and folders that were emptied from your trash.
  • Backups of the MyFiles@bc server are done via an hourly, nightly, and weekly snapshot of your files. For this reason, if you move a file, then move it to the trash, and then deleted it between snapshots, then you will not be able to retrieve that file at all.
  • Sharing permissions (which determine the BC people and/or groups a file/folder is shared with) are not saved and cannot be restored.

To request a file and/or folder restore:

  • Faculty and Staff: Contact your Technology Consultant (TC). Who is my TC?
  • Students: Contact the Help Center at 617-552-HELP (2-HELP from on-campus) or

Note: A file or folder restore takes 3 business days to complete. You will be contacted by email when your files or folders are restored.

What are the limitations and known issues in MyFiles@bc?

Database files can be saved in MyFiles@bc, but they cannot be opened using the URL link.

Can MyFiles@bc be used for backups?

Yes, you can use MyFiles@bc to back up your important files. Learn how to use MyFiles@bc for backing up your important files.

Can MyFiles@bc be used to host secure websites?

Yes, you can use MyFiles@bc to create secure web sites! However, you can only display static content such as HTML, CSS, GIF and JPG images, Flash, PDF, and client-side JavaScript. There is no server-side processing available, such as SSI, CGI, ASP, or PHP.

Is MyFiles@bc training available?

ITS Training and Communications offers training sessions for faculty and staff about MyFiles@bc. See the entire training schedule and registration information at

How can I request more space for my MyFiles@bc account?

  • Faculty and staff: By default, your disk space quota in MyFiles@bc is set to 1 gigabyte.
  • Students: By default, your disk space quota in MyFiles@bc is set to 100 megabytes.

If you need more space for your BC related tasks, contact the Help Center at:

Can people off-campus and non-BC colleagues use web folders?

Yes, people off-campus and non-BC colleagues can use web folders. Learn how to set up MyFiles@bc through a web folder on your computer, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Why should I use MyFiles@bc to securely transmit confidential data?

When sending confidential data electronically, to those who are authorized, it is important to ensure it is being transmitted securely. Email is not a secure method of electronic delivery, therefore, we strongly recommend that you use MyFiles@bc to store and share your electronic data.